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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Apr 9 Yorkshire Terrier AKC Teacup Yorkie Puppies 291 SW Frederick, MD $2000
Apr 5 Siberian Husky Siberian Husky pups 151 S New York, NY $0
Apr 2 Any TEDDY BARKER DOGGIE CARE. 163 S Bayonne, NJ $0 NO
Mar 31 Any TEDDY BARKER DOGGIE CARE. 163 S Bayonne, NJ $0
Mar 31 Any Insert title here. 163 S Bayonne, NJ $0
Mar 29 Other Beabull Puppies 300+ W Pierpont, OH $500
Mar 27 Labrador Retriever looking for chocolate Labrador puppy 56 NW Boonville, NY $0 NO
Mar 26 Siberian Husky Charming Siberian Husky For sale 135 SE Shelton, CT $300
Mar 23 Any Wanted: Best friend, companion, puppy 112 S Goshen, NY $375 NO
Mar 22 Maltese AKC Male Maltese Puppies for sale 8weeks 158 S New York, NY $0 NO
Mar 19 Maltese Cute Maltese puppies for sale 159 S Newark, NJ $250
Mar 14 Pomeranian Pomeranian puppies for adoption 157 S Glen Head, NY $0 NO
Mar 14 Shiba Inu Accommodating Shiba Inu puppies 227 W Buffalo, NY $0
Mar 12 Chihuahua CKC registered fawn male chihuahua puppy 277 SW Roaring Spring, PA $600
Mar 7 Akita Beautiful ACA Registered Akita Puppies 200 S Levittown, PA $750
Mar 4 Chihuahua purebred Chihuahua pups 216 W Lockport, NY $350 NO
Mar 3 French Bulldog Insert title here. 160 S New York, NY $500
Mar 1 Yorkshire Terrier Insert title here. 219 W Buffalo, NY $250 NO
Feb 24 Golden Retriever AKC Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale 249 SW Clearfield, PA $850 NO
Feb 22 Cavalier King Coming Soon: AKC Cavalier King Charles S 216 SW Narvon, PA $1500
Feb 19 Golden Retriever AKC/OFA Golden Retriever puppies 300+ SW Monroeville, PA $950
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